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New Beast on the Block


As many of you know, I (sort of impulsively) bought a bread oven a month back.  A british fabricator of bakery equipment - Rackmasters UK - has spent the last 3-4 years developing an oven for micro-bakers like myself.  The alternative is the Rofco B40, a Belgian oven that has been around for a few years but has a 12 month waiting list and, I imagine, astronomical import duties (don't get me started on the impact of B****t)!.  Campbell, the brains behind my oven, the Rackmaster 2020, has taken all the great things about the Rofco and also ironed out several idiosyncrasies and flaws.  My bread is big, bouncy, well-risen and tastes sooo delicious. According to a customer - far tastier than sourdough from a high street chain that has appeared in Church Street, Twickenham - sorry you had to buy from there whilst my bakery was closed!

So the short story is, your bread and treats are now being baked in the most up-to-date and thoughtfully designed oven.  And it is British designed and manufactured.  I have to say I AM IN LOVE!  I hope you have appreciated my investment!

I am so excited to be planning new bakes for you all.  Coming soon will be burger buns (sourdough of course), chocolate chip cookies and possible baguettes and ciabatta - once i am happy with the results of my endless trials. Using special bun rings (again from RackMasters UK, I will also be trailing english muffins for the autumn


On another note, I am recovering well from my op.  Many thanks for all your kind comments are words of support.  I had hoped to be back baking sooner but I think I did not appreciate how long I would need.  On a sadder note, I won't be able to eat bread for a few more weeks as my throat is too sore.

Please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions on the range I offer.  And PLEASE, PLEASE follow me on Instagram (@lucys_loaves) or Facebook (@lucysloaves) to keep up to date with my adventures.

See you all soon.

Lucy x


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