The Bakery is now closed until Friday 12th July. Remember to order by 7pm Wednesday for delivery/collection on Friday.

We are LIVE!

I am so excited at the launch of Lucy's Loaves - an opportunity for you to get the freshest REAL BREAD in the area.

As many of you know, making bread has been a passion for me for years and many of you have been kind enough to give me very positive feedback.

It is going to be very different making bread in quantity, compared with making 2-3 loaves, hence I am starting with a limited amount and a small range.  I will increase both quantity and range in the coming weeks.

This week there will be 2 different sourdough loaves, bagels made with sourdough and a little yeast, sourdough focaccia (available whole or as a slice - 1/4 of a whole focaccia) and 2 sweet treats made with yeast - cinnamon rolls and almond twists. 

To ensure your goods are prepared and baked in time, please place your order by 9pm on Wednesday.  As you know, naturally leavened bread takes time! You will be able to collect your bread between 4.30-6.30pm on Friday.

Can I thank you in advance for your support in this new venture and I look forward to baking for you on Friday.


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