The Bakery is now closed until Friday 12th July. Remember to order by 7pm Wednesday for delivery/collection on Friday.

Collection: Pizza Friday - 4th November 2022 - 6pm-8pm

You can have freshly baked pizza from Lucy's Loaves. Using freshly-made sourdough pizza bases, a tomato sauce using Mutti Tomatoes (the best) and a generous amount of quality toppings, you can be assured a fabulous PIZZA FRIDAY!

Instructions for ordering:

1.   Go to ‘Collection Times’ and choose the number of pizzas you would like to order. 
2.   Go to ‘Pizza’ and choose which pizza varieties you would like to order. 
3.   Arrive at your chosen collection time on Friday to collect your delicious, fresh, sourdough pizza! 

Please note the following:

  • The number of pizzas ordered must match in both step 1 and step 2 (eg: if you choose to pick up 2 pizzas at 7pm in step 1, then you must choose 2 pizza options in step 2). 
  • Please ensure you complete both step 1 and step 2 in the same order. 
  • Please leave a contact number when ordering so I can contact you about your pizza if needed. 
  • Please make a note of your chosen pick up time and arrive on time to collect your delicious pizzas on the day.


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